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What is Outsourcing?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The process of obtaining goods or services from an outside supplier is called outsourcing. The tasks which are outsourced may or may not be done internally within the organization before outsourcing.

Generally, outsourcing is done with the purpose of saving time or money depending on the nature of the company's main goals.

We do Accounting like a Pro

We can process your transactions daily, just like an internal accounting department. Our expert accountants can handle the following accounting functions:

-Real-time transaction processing

-Sales invoicing

-Vendor bill payment

-Payroll processing

-Management reporting

-Budgeting, forecasting, KPI trending

We’re an extended part of your team keeping a constant eye on your accounting, giving you peace of mind, and helping you achieve your business goals.

Why should you Outsource?

Many companies outsource a business process. You may already outsource your payroll process, so you’re familiar with some of the general benefits of outsourcing. Outsourced accounting has similar benefits as well as many others:


Free your time to work on your business while we handle the accounting for you through the use of secured cloud-based accounting software. This enables you can have access to your accounting records from anywhere in the world and at any time.


Your accounting is processed as it comes in. You work with us on what you want to do next. We are able to work on the same data at the same time ensuring it is currently and live. This puts actionable, current data at your fingertips.


It’s expensive to hire, train, and maintain an accounting department. Outsourcing the accounting function eliminates hiring and training costs.


Valuable knowledge walks out the door when key accounting personnel leaves your company. The risk of knowledge loss and enhance business continuity with outsourced accounting.


Your accounting data is stored on secured servers in the cloud protecting against physical data loss and enhancing business continuity and disaster recovery.

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